PCT Protest Information


Information for those opposed to government PCT proposals

DO NOT expect others to do things for you. It is your justice system at risk. Do something - here are some ideas.

Personally respond to the consultation, even if your rep body is also doing so - individual responses matter (a lot). BUT Please also email your responses to (1) The Justice Committee and (2) The Public Accounts Committee [via the Committee clerks]

Choice flyer - Send this to your clients when you write to them (drafted by a solicitor and OKd by SRA) - here

Law Society Fees Cut Impact Survey - here

Read the Law Society Campaign Briefing - here

Contact your MP - list of emails (excel spreadsheet)

CLSA briefing paper here and draft MP points here

Write a letter to the local press about how the issue will impact locally, jobs, justice etc, contact details for all press here

Read the PCT Q+A document, and consider circulating it/amending it/improving it - here

Read this on 'How to Lobby Government' - here and also this here and finally this one as well

Contact the Justice Committee and ask them to take evidence on this issue, email the Clerk to the Committee, details here

Lots of people are complaining about the Law Society's stance. The Law Society is run by the Council, so contact your council member, details here But first you should read this and see what they are already doing.

Police and Crime Commissioners need to know impact on victims - contact yours here

Sign the online petition

Client petition - Some people may not have online access, so get them to sign this - pop to the High St and Explain it all! - here

Note: The figures contained in Part 2 of Annex D are inclusive of VAT and travel and subsistence disbursements. (Source: LAA)

Bar Circuit Leaders Meeting with MOJ - here

Minutes from Cumbria firms meeting - here

Minutes from Manchester Steering Committee - here

Read what others are saying:-

Former Lord Chief Justice speaks out - here

Guy Gozem QC - here

This excellent piece by a barrister - here

This one, by me - here and more here

And this by Simon Pottinger - here

This from a solicitor in the North East - here

And this from Oliver Kirk (Kent) - here

This in the Express - here and another one here

and this from Wales - here

Superb piece in New Statesman - here

News from Wales - here

CLSA Vice Chair - here

Know what the issues are:-